Tone your muscles on the go with the IMate-ABS wireless muscle toning system

For years many people have used electronic muscle toning in addition to regular exercise and proper nutrition in order to meet their fitness goals. These electronic muscle toners use electrical signals to force your muscles to contract, working the muscle to give you more definition.

If you would like to maximize your results with this type of equipment it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly. By dieting and getting the right mix of cardio you should start to see results fairly quickly. Then you should use your muscle toning belt to start to define the abdominal muscles. Use the toning belt this way, you’re complimenting the rest of your hard work.

Here at mï we have had great results with our Wireless muscle toning systems. This system uses advance EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to help you make the most of your training routine. Our system includes with 3 body contact pads 1 for the ABS and 2 for other areas of the body each pad comes with its own receiver. The system has 1 remote to control it all, adjust the time and intensity choose between multiple routines. Best of all you, the pads can be worn under your clothes no messing around with wires.

If you would like a muscle toning system to compliment your workout, or maybe help you get a little more definition, we would absolutely recommend the Wireless toning system from IM-ABS.


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