Wireless Audio Transmitter bug

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This is the smallest FM transmitter kit possible using passive components. Great for P.I. or police work. Place this anywhere you’d like to monitor and the sensitive little onboard mic will do the listening for you. You can tune it anywhere between 90 to 94 MHz in the FM band, and then you can find it with a regular FM radio

It is your duty to obey the laws of your country. Some countries do not allow any unlicensed FM Transmitters.

Please use this kit with your best ethical and legal discretion, as it’s designed for education purposes.

Ideal baby monitor
Home security device
all you need is a small screw driver, and a 9 volt battery.


1) Sound super clear, wireless transmitting receiving, does not need any costs, direct install batteries use.

2) Ultra-sensitive clear sound pickup, a few meters distant from transmitters in the ticking of the quartz watch could hear clearly

3) Special high sensitive receives, frequency is not public range, and other equipment cannot receive strong confidentiality

4) Transmitters launch distance open can reach 20 meters.

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