Star Shower Projector Laser Christmas Lights


You can easily light up your house and landscape with thousands of dazzling, green and red holographic stars, giving your home that perfect holiday look. Simply stake the Star Shower Laser Light into the ground and plug it in – instantly, it will project thousands of colorful stars wherever you want. Covers 600 sq. feet. Star Shower can also be used inside to add excitement to a party or create a fantasy world in a little one’s bedroom. Stand for indoor use not included.

1. IPX44 weather resistant, can be mounted anywhere you like with the indoor base and outdoor plug come along
2. RGB laser emitted from this laser lights. More than 2-4 thousands of stars blinking on the wall, ceiling and lawn
3. This laser light is safe and environment-friendly
4. Easy to use: Just plug it in and then start working. Decorate any surface with thousands of lights in just a few second

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