Q9 QI standard Wireless Charger


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Qi charging is an international charging standard that allows you to charge a compatible device’s battery through induction transfer. There are no cables or wires involved and you will do is place the device (say, your smartphone) on top of a wireless charging pad.

  • Input voltage:DC19V1A;
  • Transmit power:5W
  • Charging current:5V500-1000mA
  • Transmission distance:5mm
  • Dimentions:153*79*10mm
  • Item Weight:230g
  • Charging efficiency:≥70%
  • Executive Standard:QI wireless charging standard

Packing list:

  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Adapter

Tips for use:

Please refer to the Operation Manual  All you have to do is put your device in the charging area,  it will start charging regardless of the placement or direction. Try putting it as close to the center of the pad.

The QI mark on the charger is the induction area , please make sure that the induction area on the cellphone is over the induction area ( QI mark area ) on the charger . If you use our company’s T100 receiver for charging, the receiver is the induction area.

When the charge is almost finished but not yet , it will stop charging this is normal.

In some mountainous areas or other places where the electric waves are very weak, the charging cellphone may not be able to send or receive any messages.


  • This Product works for all Qi Standard Mobile Phone
  • A Wireless Charger Receiver + Wireless Charger Transmitter are needed for the device to work