Portable Motion Sensor with GSM Alert

$70.00 $56.00

Perfect when you need to be alerted to someones presence. Add a working GSM SIM card and place the device in any room you wish to monitor. When anyone passes near the sensor the alarm will trigger and alert you at the pre-configured number allowing you to hear through the device.

Device Activation:

1. Open the  lid, insert the SIM card

2. Call the device within 15 seconds of turning on to bind your number, It will connect automatically.

3. While someone is moving past the sensor, the product will call the previously bound number.

4. Text: “0000” to the SIM card number after a use to turn off this feature; Text “1111” is activate the motion detection.

Product specification:

– Product size: 4.5cm x 3. 0cm x 1.4 cm

– Working current: below 10mA

– Idle current: below 0.05mA

– Sensitivity: 5-8m center angle 90°

– Operating frequency: 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ;

– Standby time: for body sensing: 5-7days not for body sensing: 15-20days.