Panda LED Book Lamp

$34.00 $14.00

1) Made ​​of sturdy and durable material, the effective pressure drop resistance against anti-scratch

2) The appearance of fine fashion, versatile

3) Scientific and rational design, can effectively protect eyesight

4) With a finger touch-sensitive button for three seconds or three seconds hand touch sensitive keys products, can be arbitrarily controlled lighting

5) LED energy-saving lamps, no flicker, no eye injury, maintenance-free, energy-saving, environmental protection, long life;

6) Product Configuration High capacity rechargeable battery longevity, safety, energy saving, convenient;

7) Charging 6 hours, 6 to 80 hours for Sustainable lights (different brightness, continuous light times vary)

8) 180 degree rotation

9) Connected to the computer USB port or a USB interface power matcher charge, convenient and practical

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