Oxter Travel harness


I love to travel, and when I do I’ve always used a travel bag to keep my items safe. This Oxter travel harness is the evolution of the travel bag.

The travel harness can be worn discreetly over or under your clothes. The double-bag pouch can accommodate the size of an iPhone6 or other electronic devices like MP3 or a second phone. The added pouch can carry a Passport and notebook. The bottom zipper compartment can hold a few bills and some change.

This personalized bag draws on the famous law enforcement armpit gun Holster design. The entire bag is easily concealed under a coat or jacket, the straps easily adjust for shoulder size and width. The bag is designed with a breathable mesh material so it won’t get hot when being worn for long periods of time.

The bag is worn similar to a backpack, the shoulder straps are connected by a steel ring and fixed in position of the left shoulder, this allows the bag to move naturally with the body. Wallets and cell phones are always stored safely under your arm so a thief has no way to get to them.

Material: steel and nylon

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