Ostrich Travel Pillow

$39.00 $31.20

1) We all spend way too much time in transit, travelling on the bus, train and plane. 

2) Lots of these hours are wasted doing nothing; we sit there wishing we could nod off in private, into a parallel universe, recharging our mind to tackle what lies ahead. 

3) Catching some quick private Zzz’s whilst on the go means unwinding, dreaming and powering our bodies, not to mention bringing a smile to our face. 

4) Ostrich Pillow Light is a clever little design inspired by our previous napping creation OSTRICH PILLOW and powered by the millions of napping lovers. A light design, with lots of charm and plenty of use. 

5) Material:cotton, filling foa 

6) Amazing ostrich neck nursing neck pillow magic pillow headrest 

7) The material is very soft and comfortable,lose skin, health and safety 

8) The item is suitable for all seasons

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