Mitzen Electric D1 One Wheel Skateboard


The Mitzen® D1 electric one wheel skateboard is a self balancing electric skateboard that uses the latest innovative technology to control acceleration and balance. The D1 is a pleasure to ride and feels like you are surfing on the pavement. The large wheel and wide stance makes it possible to traverse over almost any terrain, while keeping you balanced while maneuvering the board. 

Intelligent Control System: Built in advanced acceleration, gyro and other innovative sensors calibrate the ride according to your preferences, lean forward to speed up, lean back to brake, simply adjust your body posture to turn. The built in automatic balancing compensation and continuous induction calculations read the small movements of your body and automatically adjust the vehicle attitude to help keep balance.

Efficient surging power: Using a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the D1 provides excellent performance and is powerful. With a top speed of 15 km/h, a high power 250W motor, and excellent stabilityOne Wheel SkateboarOne Wheel Skateboard and dynamic balance the D1 can easily climb up to 15 degrees steep slopes or small obstacles. 

Smart: Through a bluetooth connection to your phone you can personalize your D1 with a variety of settings. By tuning the skateboard to your needs you can personalize the feel/ride of the D1. A free app is easily downloaded from the app store and you can even use the app to control your skateboard remotely.

Most importantly the D1 is fun to ride! You are now free to enjoy your leisure walk to the beach or commute to work.  Be the envy of others as you glide your way to your destination. Connect to the built in Bluetooth Speaker and play your favorite tunes as you ride!


Top Speed: 15 km/h (10 mph)
Max Torque: 20N.m
Motor: 250W
15cm ultra wide anti-skid vacuum tire
Aerospace grade aluminum alloy frame
4400mAh SAMSUNG Lithium batteries with short circuit and overcharging protection, 3 years battery warranty
Charging time: Full Charge On Depleted Battery – 3 hours
About 12KM range with fully charged battery
Rechargeable battery can be charged over 700 times (700 charging cycles)
Weight: 10KG
Size: 710 x 254 x 220mm 

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