MitZen Air Circulation Fan


Enjoy the Natural Air Quietly

Designed with a unique turbo fan motor this air circulating fan will send 7 times the air volume through your home, what you will fell is a soft breeze and natural airflow.  Utilizing the lowest wattage and quietest fan motor the minimum power of the fan is only 2 watts. It runs quietly and is the best choice for your home all year.


Original Design


Unique functional and creative design

Changing the air flow direction freely

Maximum Air Volume

Quietest design

The MitZen Bladeless Fan is specifically designed to efficiently control airflow evening the temperature of your home, thus lowering heating cost and saving you money.

By creating a long air tunnel our fan is able to circulate the air in large rooms, the air is then cycled once again through the side vents. This cycle will continue until you notice the even room temperature.


The air flow from the Fan is long and straight which will cycle the room faster and make the room temperature even


The room air (A) will be drawn through the Intake and the high pressure airflow will be generated after going through the turbo powerful motor. The air flow will force more air (B) into the air flow due to the high pressure feature

Move Natural Air Quietly

Turbo Motor moves 7 times air volume maximum air flow distance of more than 10 meteres

Unique design moves air maximizes volume

Low power uses on 2w

Works with your existing HVAC to help keep the temperature even to save you Money

Runs quietly at only 13dB

Ensure you the quietest breeze even at night


  • Turbo Motor creates strong air flow
  • Long air flow distance
  • Even room temperature
  • Save energy by working with HVAC
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Great for all seasons



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