Leap Motion Controller Mac/PC

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Reach for Amazing

The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with pinpoint precision and incredible speed. Setup is easy: just plug into your PC or Mac and launch Airspace, your home for Leap Motion apps. Play, create, and explore in a whole new way. In Airspace, the Leap Motion App store, you’ll find a wide variety of specially designed free and paid apps for gaming, music, art creation, science, productivity, and more. Apps from the Airspace app store let you interact with your computer just by moving your hands through the air. To get you started, the Leap Motion Controller comes with a set of apps included.

Product Highlights
  • Plugs in to your Mac or PC
  • Free apps included
A tiny device with huge possibilities.

The device is sleek, light, and tiny – just three inches long. It takes up hardly any space on your desk. The wide 150 degree field of view gives you eight cubic feet of interactive, three-dimensional space.

That wide-open space between you and your computer is now yours – to play, create and explore. Reach into another world without actually touching anything.

Airspace. The first-ever place for first-ever apps.

The Airspace app store offers a whole new world of apps – many are designed specifically for Leap Motion technology. You’ll find apps in all kinds of categories: Games, Music, Design, Photography, and more.

PLAY – Get way, way, more into the game. Steer, slice, grab, push, crush, and shoot using your hands or finger with games like Fruit Ninja, or new titles including Stan Lee’s Verticus. CREATE – With the Leap Motion Controller, you’re the instrument. Strum, drum, sketch, draw, paint and sculpt with your fingers, or even pencils, paintbrushes, or drumsticks with apps such as Decosketch or AirBeats. EXPLORE – Reach for the stars. Grab a planet while you’re at it. Move up, down, left, right, forward and back in Google Earth. Flip through a recipe for lasagna without saucing up your screen. Fly through space in Exoplanet, or even take apart a skull in Cyber Science. When you reach into your computer, the learning never stops.

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