FlyColor Raptor 390 – Drone Flight Controller


Flycolor Raptor 390 Tower 30A is a highly integrated products for the fpv racing quads. It integrated 30A esc, F3 Drone Flight Controller, OSD and PDB on the tower,maximally decreased the interference caused by signal transmission,bring much convenience for assembling the drones.The height of the tower included the screws is only 15.1mm, and weighs only 22g, suitable for 130 to 330mm quadcopter frames.

Why choose the raptor 390?

1. The two layers tower structure ESC is highly integrated design products,decreasing the interference caused by signal transmission. The factory optimized the PCB layout and the pins, connecting all the electronic components on the board,avoid soldering and wiring.On this tower,the pins connect the flight controller board and the ESC board,maximally decrease the interference caused by signal transmission,

2. The Tower structure design could protect the ESC well during the flight.ESC is one of the most easily broken parts on the drones except the propellers.According to our experience,some of the ESC were damged by the propeller rotation or tree brunch cut after the damage when it installed on top of the motor arm.Some of the ESC were damaged due to the broken of the motor arm during the crash.For this tower, the esc integrated in the tower which installed in the middle of the quad frame, the ESCs can be protected quite well.

3. Raptor 390 tower makes the assembling of the fpv racing drones more and more convenient,the wires tidy and concise.Using this tower, you just need to solder the 4 motor wries to the holes, so easy. The lower board integrated the 4in1 ESC,the power port is in the center,bulge a bit over. This could not only make the connecting wires more convenient, but also avoid to interrupt the esc output port on the two sides. The upper board F3 flight controller board integrated with the OSD. There is also 5V,12V and BATV for powering the camera,video tx,LED and other euipements.

4. Small size and light weight tower fit for all sizs of the quad,and make the center of gravity of the drone lower. The weight of the raptor 390 tower is only 22g, with two layers tower structure, the height is only 15.1mm. Therefore, the tower can be installed on the 130mm to 330mm size of quads easily.

1. F390 main control chip
2. Supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot
3. Supports Damped Light, faster to decelerate and longer durance time

1. FC integrated OSD, also integrated 5V, 12V, and battery voltage (VBAT), Easy power supply to Image transmitter, camera, buzzer, LED and other
2. Provided all kind of cables for connectors on FC , to give you an unprecedented experience of installation
3. Connect computer via USB on the flight controller, then can upgrade ESC software directly or adjusted the ESC settings directly

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