Electronic Piano Gloves with Musical Fingertips


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Electronic Piano Gloves with Musical Fingertips: An amusing, exciting way for kids to learn fundamental roots of music while playing the piano!

Introducing the delicious harmony of musical tones to children has never been so easy and convenient with this amazing pair of gloves. It simply lets your kids play the piano and discover a range of instruments by themselves while having fun. As genius is always hard to find out without a push, this musical gadget may help reveal the maestro of the next decades or even centuries!

Each fingertip of these great gloves plays a different note when smoothly pressed on any surface. Being able to play tones of 8 distinct instruments, this will thus make children aware of sound differences between them. And, in order to develop even further the talent and musical ear of budding pianists, 6 songs and 20 background rhythms are pre-recorded to provide inspiration and let every young artist perform music the way they feel according to the waves in the air!

At a Glance…

  • Piano Gloves with Musical Fingertips
  • Plays tones of 8 instruments
  • 6 pre-recorded songs and 20 background rhythms to inspire pianist’s apprentice
  • Unleash the artist inside your kids!

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