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Bluetooth Selfie Stick

$29.95 $23.96

Well if your going to be mobile, it helps to capture your surroundings in the best way possible.

While some of our older staff doesn’t quite understand the craze about these Selfie Sticks. We can all agree that you can get some pretty cool angles.  Love’em or Hate’em Selfie Sticks are here to stay, and we have them at Mï, But just remember its not all about you.


  • Can easily be fixed to most tripod mounts, can be adjusted to a different size
  • Take the perfect individual or group picture to capture every moment
  • A button for photo shooting and video recording
  • Adjustable head plate rotates to provide different shooting angles
  • Easy to carry with Strap hole design
  • The Silicone holder will protect your device from slips and scratches
  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating system!
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