Bluetooth Gloves, Support Hands-free / Touch Function


$54.00 $43.20


1) Bluetooth glove that allows you to talk through your hand. The left glove has a speaker and a microphone sewed into thumb and pinkie, in order to speak to the phone, while protecting from cold.

2) A pair of warm gloves, perfect for every sport, from skiing to running, with this product you can control the touch screen of your smart phone.

3) Compatible with: all mobile phones with Bluetooth

4) Latest low power Bluetooth 3.0, with call function

5) ISSC chip model 1632 for all phones

6) Talk time: about 6 hours

7) Normal standby time of 7 days

8) Built-in rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery (110mAh)

Operating instructions:

1) Power on: Long press the power key for 1-5 seconds

2) Power off: During power on state long press power off key until the red light flashing quickly

3) Pairing mode: Long press the power on key 6-10 seconds enters pairing mode, the pairing mode red and blue lights flashing

4) Answer the phone: When has paired successfully, just press on the button on the panel can answer the phone

5) Refuse the phone: Has paired successfully when the call, Long press 3-5 seconds the answer call button on the panel rejected calls

6) Dial-back phone: When has repaired successfully, long press the answer key for 2-3 seconds

7) Charge: Red light long bright when charging mode, charged, the red light goes off


When you first use, please press the power key 6-10 seconds long, straight into pairing mode, complete the pairing is successful, the next time you are using, you can directly press the power key for 1-5 seconds, it will automatically match the connected device