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Air Tube Headset (radiation protection)

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Protect yourself from cell phone radiation. Sound Waves travel through the AirTube not a Microwave Radiation like Traditional Wire Headsets or Bluetooth Earpieces. The AirTube is a personal stereophonic headset that conducts acoustically high definition sound through hollow air-tubes without any metal wiring. AirTube work on a patented Stereo Acoustic technology similar to a stethoscope. AirTube distances cellular radiation and heat emission from the user’s head by up to 98% according to the World Health Organization’s standards.

  • Enjoy Crystal-clear sound while staying safe and protected from harmful radiation
  • Achieve up to 98% radiation reduction
  • Air tube and earpiece do not contain any wire or metal conductors
  • Uses patented SAAT technology – Stereo Acoustic Air TubeTM
  • Be “Smart and Safe” when talking on cell phone