720P HD Borescope (DVR+CREE)

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This wireless inspection camera lets you see a clear, high-definition image of problems in hard to reach locations. Whether you’re working with wires inside a wall, analyzing the delicate pipes of an old home, or searching for serial numbers on parts of an engine that you don’t want to remove, this versatile, snake like inspection camera will help you save time and assess projects without causing unnecessary damage or creating costly delays.

Featuring a built-in CREE flashlight for use in dark locations and a 38 inch flexible shaft, this lightweight wireless inspection camera helps you find, diagnose and solve problems quickly and without expensive demolition or disassembly. Its removable color LCD monitor displays crystal clear HD video for accurate visual inspection and even includes a DVR (digital video recording) function to save your video onto a micro SD card. This is the best way to present problems to your client when looking to receive an authorization for repair or replacement.

This wireless HD inspection camera even comes with a magnetic tip and a hook tip, giving you the ability to retrieve small items such as parts and screws. Now electricians, mechanics, plumbers and contractors can inspect and solve problems faster than ever before, while increasing productivity, and increasing profit. Automotive inspection, HVAC inspection, general contracting, home theater installation, plumbing inspection and cable routing are just a few of the areas where troubleshooting is made fast and easy.

When you can assess a project without having to do unnecessary damage, you save yourself time, effort, and money. Purchase this wireless HD inspection camera today as the perfect addition to your tool set

At a Glance…

  • Wireless and Detachable Monitor
  • 720P High Definition Video
  • DVR Saves Video onto a Micro SD Card
  • CREE Flashlight
  • Variety of Applications
  • Avoid costly demolition – save time and money
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