3D Digital Hanging Clock



1. It has some functions, including clock, date, alarm and temperature
2. LED display colors: 115 kinds
3. Color display mode: in single color, 7-color cycle, or 115-color cycle
4. 2 kinds of time display modes: display of time only; display of time, date and temperature in cycle
5. 3 kinds of brightness through manual adjustment: LU:1, LU:2 and LU:3
6. With the function of sound control: under the mode of sound control, when the LED is OFF, it can be turned ON through the sound control(LED will be OFF once again after 16 seconds of display)
7. Double power supply, which can be automatically switched. When the external power supply is cut off, the internal power supply begins to work, so that the clock can time normally, but at this time, LED does not display and it enters the mode of power saving
8. 24H system: the fixed number of years is from 2000 to 2049, totaling 50 years
9. Time(10s)/Date(3s)/Temperature(3s)displays in cycle
10. Temperature range: -9~50 Degrees Celsius
11. 3 sets of daily alarms: when time is up, it will alarm for 1 minute
12. Weekend alarm function: the alarm function can be turned ON/OFF on Saturday and Sunday
13. Infrared remote control function

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